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YourDaddyJoey is a social media network that exists to log and track Antifa and Far Left associates and conduct -identified by the United States Department of Justice as involved in domestic terrorism- by using arrest records, social media and other legal open resources similar to how nonprofits tracked ISIS and their movements via social media.

Privacy Statement

We do not track identification information from our visitors. We want you to be completely anonymous which is why we have multiple safeguards in place for everything from emailing us directly to submissions and browsing our database. Unless you make us aware of who you are -by not removing identification information from your submissions, etc.- we will never know who you are.

We do monitor geographical analytics, as every other site in the world would do, but that information cannot be connected to any specific user or contributor or viewer, or their service provider or IP/MAC addresses. We do not monitor geographical analytics on our submission *Tips* page rendering your visit to that page 100% anonymous so that you can feel comfortable sending us your submissions with no hesitation what-so-ever. If you are still uncomfortable we recommend using a VPN or the Tor Browser to visit our site.

All emails sent directly to us are forwarded through several different email providers before arriving in our inbox and are deleted from the inboxes of the forwarding email providers automatically. The final emails we see are deleted automatically 8 hours after we open them to read -unless it is flagged for longevity for purposes such as court orders, DMCA requests, etc..

Use of our Star Rating and Instant Comment features are also not monitored.

How Does it Work?

We take user-generated submissions of Antifa & Far-Left associates and event details, vet them for authenticity, proof, and sources then approve them for YourDaddyJoey. where they become a searchable anti-violence resource.

You can make submissions via the Far-Left times, Information Needed and TIps page. When making a submission please include news stories, arrest records and other relating information so that the report meets our criteria and can be approved. Please make one submission at a time so that it is organized in such a manner we can easily moderate. Make sure when submitting attachments that your attachment has uploaded.

YourDaddyJoey Criteria

YourDaddyJoey approves reports of people who engage in the following:

• Involvement in an Antifa cell group
• Involvement in an Antifa allied group (BAMN, Redneck Revolt, SRA, JBGC, RAM, PNWYLF, Occupy, The Base, etc)
• Engaging in or encouraging Far Left Violence/Criminality
• Engaging in black bloc Antifa tactics
• Engaging in rioting with Antifa
• Being present/arrested at violent/criminal events where Antifa is present
• Using Antifa rioting to loot or commit other crimes
• Identifying yourself as Antifa (If you say you are, we’re going to take you at your word)
• Providing clear ideological support (e.g. encouraging Antifa Violence) or financial support (e.g. Purchasing of weapons).

Submission content is automatically saved even if it does not meet our criteria for a profile so that in the event that someone else submits material that might expand on your submission we have it preserved and can connect them.

Attacks on Us

We expect an organized de-platforming attack to take place against us.

This will happen because Antifa and their Far-Left associates have the ideological support and endorsement (overt or covert) of major institutions and the global corporate zeitgeist. We are always searching for alternatives but this site will always be back. If you have any suggestions please let us know.


If there is any incorrect information, illegal content, or bugs please use the “Contact Us” page with a description and link to the problem so we can address it.

How to Support YourDaddyJoey

The biggest thing you can do to support this website is to share it and continue making quality reports.

If you wish to support this project further, please reach out to us using our designated email


Tracking extremist political behavior and violence you find unacceptable is not illegal and is well within 1st Amendment Protections of the Freedom of the Press and Freedom of Political Speech.

or literally hundreds of Antifa Twitter accounts, many of which regularly post home addresses, family member addresses, pictures of children, employers, phone numbers, and other private information.

Sec. 230 of the Communications Decency Act

In addition because our content, Star Ratings, and Instant Comments sections are user-generated we have additional protections from Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act.

Online intermediaries that host or republish speech are protected against a range of laws that might otherwise be used to hold them legally responsible for what others say and do. The protected intermediaries include … basically any online service that publishes third-party content

Section 230 Does Not Require Platforms to Be Neutral.

Star Rating and Instant Comments

Selected profiles and YourDaddyJoey’s Home page have the *Star Rating* and *Instant Comments* feature that allow the user to interact with the profile and each other anonymously and in real time. The user need not create an account to submit Instant Comments and/or use the Star Rating features. The stars within the Star Rating system are not defined what-so-ever rendering the meaning of the stars entirely user defined.

Instant Comments and Star Ratings are entirely unmoderated, unreviewed, and cannot be removed for any reason once submitted -except for illegal content. The individual submitting the Instant Comment or using the Star Rating feature is solely responsible for the content of the submission.

Fair-Use and Copyright Statement

Everything on YourDaddyJoey falls under Fair Use Doctrine of the United States Copyright laws as the content is being shared from public or subscription social media profiles, news articles, and arrest records for criticism, education, research and news reporting purposes in the Marketplace of Ideas.
“Fair use defines using copyrighted works for education, research, news reporting, scholarship, criticism and comment as being protected under the Fair Use Doctrine.”

All content created by YourDaddyJoey is given to the Public Domain under the Creative Commons Licensing without need for credit or purchase.

What We Do Not Do

YourDaddyJoey is not a doxing website. Take a quick scroll through and browse the profiles to see the absolute absurdity of that claim show itself. All profiles are referenced to news articles, arrest records, public social media posts, or subscription/public reports and cited to those in the profile. From time to time we will subscribe to paywall protected content -such as newspapers, magazines or other subscription (pay-wall protected) sites- and share that content within the marketplace of ideas under the fair-use doctrine. If we share pay-wall or subscription material we will always link to the original source for you to consider following up with your own subscription.

We are literally acting as an aggregator of information.

We do not approve profiles with home addresses -unless the home address is also a registered business address in which case we are sharing the business address, home phone numbers, and other private information unless that information is specifically sourced to the public domain. If the subject is either a “limited purpose public figure” or “public figure” as those terms are defined by United States Supreme Court and United States laws we may choose to share details about them that would not otherwise be shared in accordance with our “Limited Purpose Public Figures and Public Figures” policy.

We do not approve reports of people who are posting anonymously, unlike “legitimate” corporate media. From time to time, when relevant, this style content may be of public interests and therefore shared within the Far-Left Times or Information Needed pages should someone submit an article for anonymous publication or it fits the requirements for Information Needed page inclusion, however, anonymous individuals will not get a profile on our Research Aggregator.

We do not include family members, underage persons, or places of employment in our profiles, unlike some Twitter bluechecks, unless that information is important to the profile -i.e. the individual uses his place of employment as part of his/her criminal activities, family members join the individual as part of their conduct, the information is readily and easily available and is simple enough to obtain from other third party databases, appear in court or other public documents /records etc.. In many cases if you want to see this information you should subscribe to cheap or free background checking databases, but it wont generally be available here.

YourDaddyJoey does not, nor does United States laws, nor any social media company, consider date-of-births to be “private information”. Other publicly available information such as license plates, are not private information should they appear in images taken in public. Further, if the profile subject chooses voluntarily to place information into the marketplace of ideas it is considered “public” even if it would otherwise be considered “private” prior to your voluntarily submitting it for public debate. If we determine that content submitted with the profile tip might be “private information” we will attempt to source it to the voluntary public distribution by the profile subject and preserve the content for future reference if found. For example: if an photograph that contains a profile subject’s license number is shared on social media by the subject themselves we may choose to archive the share and source to the archive.

Additionally, we do not remove profiles once they are published. You can make a modification recommendation to add to or correct information on any given profile, but we will never remove a profile for any reason once it is published. You cannot pay us to remove a profile and we will not ask for payment. We do not and will not ever work with any “online reputation management” companies and you shouldn’t either because they are all scams anyways.

Corporate media and establishment figures calling us a “doxing” website for aggregating public information while at the same time writing glowing reviews of the likes of Tay Anderson displays their fundamental illegitimacy as arbiters of truth. They form the vanguard of far-left institutional support system, protecting Antifa when it commits documented acts of mob violence in America. You should not respect them, trust them, or give a shit when they spew their blatant lies.

Information Needed Page

Mentions and information appearing on the Information Needed page are potential profiles that do not have enough information to include within our Research Aggregator but do have enough to satisfy the Far-Left requirement. Examples of such a mention would be if a Government or Law Enforcement agency issues a notice for the identity of an individual who would otherwise qualify for a profile pursuant to our criteria. Content on the Information Needed page will remain on the page until it satisfies the requirements for a profile on the Research Aggregator at which time it will be moved to the final location to be included in the Research Aggregator.

Harassment, Hacked and Pornographic Content

We do not accept user-generated hacked or pornographic content. There may be times that nudity appears on this site, however in those instances that content was vetted for legality and relevence by one or more of our admins and after a careful consideration of the pros and cons of including it in the profile. However, we will NOT approve user generated pornographic or hacked content.

YourDaddyJoey does not advocate violence or harassment in any way.

YourDaddyJoey will never send unsolicited emails or newsletters and we do not collect or harvest any email lists. Any emails purporting to be from us should be ignored and deleted as they are not from us.

Limited Purpose Public Figures and Public Figures

If the subject of the profile is either a “Limited Purpose Public Figure” or a “Public Figure”, as those terms are defined by the United States Supreme Court, their profiles, if any, are held to a different standard than others. We will not separately define these individuals -i.e. blue check marks or similar indicia- instead you will possibly see more biting and detailed reports that would otherwise not be considered for standard profiles.

YourDaddyJoey is Not a Decider of Criminal Guilt

Appearing on YourDaddyJoey is in no way, shape or form an accusation of ones involvement in Antifa, terrorism, or terroristic groups. It simply means that based on the best available information the profile in question has met one or more of the criteria required for a YourDaddyJoey profile. We use the term “terrorists” because it is the term that the United States Department of Justice has used to define “Antifa” and their Far-Left enablers. However, the criminal definition of the term “terrorist” is not something that should be taken lightly. We do not determine if a profile subject is a “terrorist” under the criminal definition of the term.

Anyone charged with criminal offenses are presumed innocent until proven guilty according to law.

Tags are intended to point out alleged crimes and alleged group involvement or groups that may have been at the same event/riot. They are not a final declaration of guilt or membership.

D.M.C.A. and Court Compliance

YourDaddyJoey respects court orders and valid DMCA complaints. For copyright issues prior to civil intervention you must first plead your removal request via a lawful DMCA request. We have provided a DMCA form on this site which contains the legal requirements for your request. After submission your request will be processed and considered within 12 hours. For court documents please send us a message using our “Contact Us” page.

Providing court documents via email is not a waiver of personal service and we reserve all legal rights to personal service.

YourDaddyJoey adheres to all laws of the nation where we are hosted, as well as the United States.

We reserve the right to share your submitted DMCA submission or Court document details with third parties to help determine the validity of your claim(s). Further we reserve the right to publish any DMCA submission or Court documents we receive.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Do not use any information obtained through YourDaddyJoey to determine a person’s eligibility for credit, insurance, employment, housing (tenant screening), or for any other purpose covered under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). YourDaddyJoey is not a consumer reporting agency and does not offer consumer reports. YourDaddyJoey gathers information from public sources, which may not be complete, comprehensive, accurate or even up to date.

This service is not a substitute for your own due diligence, especially if you have concerns about a person’s criminal history.

Content on YourDaddyJoey is a mixture of satire, parody, jest, and/or educational shit. Don’t take it seriously.

We recommend also checking out if you don’t find the profile you are looking for here. Tell them YourDaddyJoey sent you.

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