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Florida House of Representatives Candidate Jermey Brown’s Campaign – Truth About the ‘Insurrection’.

As midterm elections draw nearer there are some candidates that are uniquely qualified and positioned to hold political office. One such candidate is former Green Beret Jeremy Brown of House District 62 (Tampa), Florida.

The truth about the “insurrection” and Jeremy Brown’s campaign messages can be heard here.

Visit https://brown4florida.com for more information about Jeremy Brown’s campaign.

Danesh Noshirvan Suspended From Twitter For Doxxing, Stalking, & Sexual Harassment: Still On TikTok

TikTok sponsored creator Danesh Noshirvan (@ThatDaneshGuy) was suspended by Twitter for doxxing, sexual harassment, and stalking a trans-individual, an ICU Nurse, and a law enforcement officer (to name only a few of his most recent attacks) after every executive at Twitter was made aware of his conduct and a full internal investigation took place by Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team.

It is unfortunate that Danesh Noshirvan is still permitted to engage in these patently obvious TikTok Community Standards violations and to engage in his civilly and criminally actionable conduct on TikTok a platform that PAYS him to do so. 

When will TikTok ever do the right thing and suspend the perma-banned already Danesh Noshirvan (www.tiktok.com/@ThatDaneshGuy and stop causing real life injury to hundreds of victims?

Please continue to sign and share this petition and report ThatDaneshGuy on  TikTok to end this reign of cyber terrorism once and for all.

Here he is with fellow doxxer Savannah Sparks (a future Matching Vibes) together doxxing a nurse on live stream for wrong thing.:

Former Dominion Voting Systems Executive Eric Coomer Allegedly Gets Beat Up By His Former Employees

Video 1 Perspective.

For more information about Eric Coomer and his various SLAPP litigations please visit www.ericcoomer.info.

EXCLUSIVE: Former Dominion Executive Eric Coomer Allegedly Gets Beat Up By His Employees – Police Report

Eric Coomer Presses Charges On His Employees

This police report shows how former Dominion Voting Systems executive Mr. Eric Coomer treats his employees at the Fritz in Salida. Sealed Court Documents regarding an incident about June 6th, 2021 in which Eric Coomer cried to the police after getting beat up by his employees.

Please consider a contribution to our site.

For more exclusive details about Dominion Voting Systems’ Eric Coomer please visit www.ericcoomer.info.

Complication of Body Cam Footage of Eric Coomer’s Arrest

Pedophile Denver School Board Member Tay Anderson Uses 15 Year Old To Push Mask Mandates / Remote Learning Agenda

Denver’s Jennifer Brockman of KDVR News pushed a poorly researched report about Denver Public Schools students organizing a “walk out” today (January 20th, 2022) to push more masks mandates and remote learning and other agendas of Denver Public Schools Board Vice President (and credibly accused racist pedophile rapist) Tay Anderson and the Denver Teacher’s Union (who gave hundreds of thousands to Tay Anderson). Joining the choir of ridiculous failures of the “news” to research the origins of this “walk out” is Denver CBS.

Who are “The Students”?

As it turns out, a Denver Public Schools student (Thomas Jefferson High School) Nicole Haven Coleman, a Greta Thunberg wannabe, is the sole organizer of this mask mandate / remote learning walk-out at Denver Public Schools.

I was not able to find any other “Student” who is helping to organize this “walk out”, but what I did find is that Haven Coleman is the fake little sister of, you guessed it, racist pedophile rapist School Board Vice President Tay Anderson.

We all know what happened this day when Tay Anderson was not really assaulted as he claims, rather he assaulted law enforcement and failed to obey lawful commands and pretended to fall.

Tay Anderson Shortly After He Faked His Fall Then Accused Law Enforcement of “Shoving” Him As Seen On HALO Camera Footage Released by Denver Public Safety.

His manager, Tiffany Caudill, immediately started a GoFundMe to cover his fake injuries and raised over $13,000 which was then used for luxury items and campaign expenses. Even though he promised lolsuits, he never came through on those promises because he is a coward, pedophile and a loser.

Back to “Haven’s” demands:

Making “demands” of public servants (elected school board members and employees of government institutions such as a public school) is a violation of Colorado Revised Statute’s criminal “Attempted Influence of a Public Servant” law.

Haven states in her extortion letter, prompted by accused pedophile Tay Anderson and special interests Denver Teacher’s Union:

Our demands are that the district go back to remote learning until COVID-19 cases decrease to (levels during the) Fall 2021 Semester… If classes don’t go back online, we need KN95/N95 masks provided to all students on all campuses, excused absences for those with COVID, ventilation in all classrooms and airflow to lessen the risk fo COVID-19 cases, PCR and rapid testing for students in person twice a week, integrated learning for those at home with COVID or those choosing to stay home for their protection, access to more outdoor spaces for safe lunches, and more social distancing measures in the hallways and stairs of schools.

How much did Haven get from special interests -Tay Anderson and the Denver Teacher’s Union- to put on this criminal stunt? Donations to Haven directly tell an interesting story. Her ARID Agency doesn’t exists in Colorado Secretary of State or Internal Revenue Service (federal) charity databases.

The use of the fake name “Haven” instead of the actual name “Nicole” is also suspect.

Her association with terrorist Representative Leslie Herod -Tay Anderson’s fake mom- goes back as far as 2019.

So it is pretty clear that she isn’t acting on behalf of herself and her interests, rather on behalf of Tay Anderson and the Denver Teacher’s Union and their special interests.

Where are all the other “students” who are also making this demand of Denver Public Schools?

Post Script UPDATE Jan. 21, 2022: About 30 student’s from Denver North High School participated in this non-sense of a “walk out” by Haven (left). Hundreds of students were present protesting against having pedophile Tay Anderson on the School Board from Denver North High School (right) walking numerous miles to join several other schools and thousands of other students also protesting against Tay remaining on the Board. Why hasn’t Tay Anderson seen the writing on the wall?

Running for Office in 2022

Mindy Robinson is running for Nevada’s State Assembly AD35.

This will be a running list of 2022 candidates for various offices in the United States. I am creating this list of candidates who exercised their First Amendment rights on January 6th, 2021 at the United States Capitol, or were in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021 but elsewhere in the city, and now continue to exercise their rights to campaign for public office.

Mindy Robinson, a candidate for Nevada’s State Assembly AD35.

Nicholas Jude Ferrara, a candidate for New Jersey’s 3rd District.

Derrick Van Orden, a candidate in Wisconsin’s 3rd District.

Teddy Daniels, a candidate in Pennsylvania’s 8th District.

Jason Riddle, a candidate in New Hampshire’s 2nd District.

Gary Leffler, a candidate in Iowa’s 3rd District.

Audra Johnson, a candidate in Michigan’s 3rd District.

Annie Black, a candidate in Nevada’s 4th District.

Jo Rae Perkins, candidate in Oregon.

Colorado State Representative Ron Hanks, who’s running for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat. 

Tina Forte, a Republican challenging New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Ryan Kelley, a candidate for Governor of Michigan.

Mark Middleton, a candidate for Texas state House.

Anthony Kern, a candidate for Arizona Senate.

Mark Finchem, a candidate for Arizona Senate.

Vernon Jones, a candidate for Governor of Georgia.

Maryland State Representative Dan Cox, a candidate for Governor of Maryland.

Charles Herbster, a candidate for Governor of Nebraska.

Joey Gilbert, a candidate for Governor of Nevada.

Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano, a candidate for Governor of Pennsylvania.

Jason Howland, a candidate for state legislature of Michigan.

Angela Rigas, a candidate for state legislature of Michigan.

Joe Rocha, a candidate for state legislature of Michigan.

Candidates for Office who are on Gab Social.

The following list are official GAB accounts for various 2022 candidates. It is unrelated to the above list of candidates who were also in Washington DC on January 6th, 2021.

Six reps and 68 candidates on Gab:
Updated 1/12/22 at: https://gab.com/NeOmega/posts/107588418968367713.

US Congress on Gab:







For Senate:

http://gab.com/BradleySenate CA

http://gab.com/bobbypiton IL

http://gab.com/Jonathan_for_State_Senate MI

http://gab.com/WhalenforUSSenate NV

http://gab.com/Mark4Ohio OH

http://gab.com/Perkins4Oregon OR

http://gab.com/KathyBarnetteForSenate PA

For House:

http://gab.com/Bob4congressAK #AK

http://gab.com/neilforarkansas #AR3

http://gab.com/Codemonkey #AZ1

https://gab.com/JJN33 #CA30

https://gab.com/Sunflowers67 #CA19

http://gab.com/CargileForCA35 #CA35

http://gab.com/lauraloomer #FL11

http://gab.com/darleneswaffar #FL22

http://gab.com/RealJackLombardi #IL14

http://gab.com/RebreshForCongressIllinois #IL16

https://gab.com/BenRuiz4Congress #IN1

http://gab.com/Hastionly59 #IN1

http://gab.com/realgabewhitley #IN8

http://gab.com/Norton4Congress #MI03

http://gab.com/David_Buzzard #NC

http://gab.com/TheBlueCollarIntellectual #NH1

http://gab.com/QNIGHTED #NJ3

http://gab.com/RealTina40 #NY14

http://gab.com/AMcCarthyNY #NY23

http://gab.com/teddydanielspa #PA8

http://gab.com/CenturionforCongress #SC1

http://gab.com/lynzpiperloomissc #SC1

http://gab.com/mattforcongress #TN1

http://gab.com/Bob_Hendry_USA #TN8

http://gab.com/MEtwop #TX2

http://gab.com/thejamesonellis #TX2

http://gab.com/Madkat22123 #TX8

http://gab.com/Raven4Congress #TX26

http://gab.com/Billy_Poling_For_Congress #TX26

http://gab.com/CraigForCongress #TX26

http://gab.com/NathanDavisTX #TX32

https://gab.com/AlejandroL #TX35

http://gab.com/JaromeBellVA #VA2

http://gab.com/AmandaChaseforva #VA11

https://gab.com/AK4WA #WA ?

http://gab.com/CarrieKennedy #WA2

http://gab.com/joekentforcongress #WA3

http://gab.com/sessler #WA4

http://gab.com/MichaelSisco #WV2

http://gab.com/MarissaSelvig #WY

Governor Races

http://gab.com/KariLake #AZGovernor

http://gab.com/Kandisstaylor #GAGovernor

http://gab.com/DanCoxforFreedom #MDGovernor (serves in MD House of Delegates – 4)

https://gab.com/RyanDKelley #MIGovernor

http://gab.com/joeygilbertinc #NVGovernor

http://gab.com/Blystoneforgovernor #OHGovernor

http://gab.com/AllenWest #TXGovernor

http://gab.com/WatchChad #TXGovernor

http://gab.com/DonHuffines #TXGovernor

http://gab.com/thejamesonellis #TXLTGovernor

http://gab.com/votewichmann #WIGovernor

AZ Offices:

http://gab.com/wendyrogersaz State Senator

http://gab.com/KelliWardAZ Republican Chairwoman

http://gab.com/AZHoneyBadger for Secretary of State

New Jersey:

https://gab.com/QNIGHTED NJ 3rd District.

MI State Rep:


NH for House of Reps


NV for Assembly


OH State House


SC for State House

https://gab.com/Alex4SC5 Dis. 7

TX for House of Reps


VA for State Senate


If you are not on this list please email info@yourdaddyjoey.news with your name, office sought and a link one of the following; campaign website, campaign social media, Ballotpedia bio. I will not add commentary or more than one link. Links are to official campaign sites, social media, Ballotpedia, in that order… I am not interested in news articles.

Comments for these lists are turned on so feel free to add a comment with your questions or thoughts about these candidates or if you are aware of other candidates that are not on this list.

EXPLAINER: Charges Against Former Brooklyn Center Police Officer Kimberly Potter

The criminal complaint filed by prosecutors in Hennepin County, Minn., lists two criminal counts against Kimberly Potter, a former police officer, in connection with the fatal shooting of Daunte Wright during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Center in April. Both counts are felonies, but neither is a murder charge.


One of the ways Minnesota law defines first-degree manslaughter is causing someone’s death while committing or attempting to commit a lesser crime — a misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor — in a way that a reasonable person could foresee would cause death or great bodily harm.

Specifically, prosecutors accuse Ms. Potter of causing Mr. Wright’s death through reckless handling or use of a firearm.

First-degree manslaughter is a felony, punishable by up to 15 years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $30,000. The standard sentence for someone without a criminal record, like Ms. Potter, would be about seven years.


One of the ways Minnesota law defines second-degree manslaughter is causing someone’s death through culpable negligence, by creating an unreasonable risk and consciously taking chances of causing death or great bodily harm.

Prosecutors accuse Ms. Potter of doing so while using a firearm.

Second-degree manslaughter is a felony, punishable by up to 10 years’ imprisonment and a fine of up to $20,000. The standard sentence for a person without any previous convictions would be about four years.

The two counts are separate and not mutually exclusive; Ms. Potter can be convicted or acquitted of either charge, or of both.

Minnesota law also allows juries to consider convicting a defendant of an “included offense” — a lesser degree of the same crime, or another lesser crime that was proved in the course of the trial — in place of a charge listed in the complaint.

Jes Staley: Jefferey Epstein’s Portal to Wall Street and Hero of Black Lives Matter Organization

More than two years after the death of Jeffrey Epstein the forced resignation of Barclays Bank CEO Jes Staley sent shockwaves through Wall Street executive offices as it may signal further prosecution of individuals and institutions that enabled the crimes of Epstein.

Staley departed from the international bank following review of preliminary inquiry from Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority relating to a misleading characterization of his relationship with Epstein. One of many revelations revealed by this initial probe was the discovery of over 1,200 emails between Epstein and Staley suggesting they were more than mere business acquaintances.

According to Yahoo News, Staley was appointed Vice President of JP Morgan in 1999 when Epstein was already a client. Billionaire Leslie Wexner was also a client of JPMorgan at this time.

This implies that Staley may have failed to disclose relevant information to authorities when he was questioned in 2020. Regardless of outcome, Staley is planning to contest this investigation and return to his role following this probe, though it seems unlikely due to his especially incriminating history with the child sex trafficker.

According to BBC News, Jes Staley visited Epstein’s Island, Little Saint James. It is known that this “retreat” to Epstein’s private island occurred in 2015 only months before Staley’s taking of the CEO position at Barclays.

Staley has already been investigated in February 2020 by British banking regulators alongside the Bank of England to examine Staley’s ties to the disgraced dead pedophile. During this time, Staley stated:

“It has been very well known I had a professional relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. It goes back to 2000 when I was asked to run the JP Morgan private bank and he was already a client when I joined the private bank. The relationship was maintained during my time at JP Morgan but as I left JP Morgan the relationship tapered off quite significantly. Obviously, I thought I knew him well and I didn’t. For sure, with hindsight with what we know now, I deeply regret having any relationship with Jeffrey.” 

Staley has been seen with Bill Gates, Epstein and Boris Nikolic during a meeting that would establish the “Global Health Fund”. According to Fox News:

“Others who worked for Gates’s foundation also visited Epstein’s mansion several times. Epstein spoke to both Bill and Melinda Gates about a proposed charitable fund that could generate sizable fees for Epstein,” Brown wrote. “Epstein hoped to attract donations from some of his wealthy friends as part of the venture, seeded with Gates Foundation funds, that would be used for global health causes.”

According to Wall Street on Parade Epstein’s ties to JPMorgan Chase date back to at least 2001, when Epstein became Chairman of an offshore investment fund strangely based in Bermuda by the name of Liquid Funding Ltd. This company would grow to over $6.7 billion in liabilities (suggesting Epstein had serious connections to institutional investors).

JPMorgan Chase was one of three banks providing a $250 million liquidity facility to Liquid Funding Ltd. JPMorgan Chase was directly disclosed as their “Security Trustee.” Liquid Funding was an incredibly large participant in the fraudulent repackaging of loans to subprime mortgage dealers using Collateralized Debt Obligations (a practice that has been identified to be a major cause of the 2008 Global Financial Crisis). Bear Stearns owned 40 percent of the equity in Liquid Funding (Bear was a colossal CDO participant). Epstein was employed by Bear Sterns from 1976 to 1981.

Epstein’s market history shows a continuous involvement in Madoff style Ponzi schemes. Epstein’s former boss at Towers Financial Corp Steven Hoffenberg has claimed they both played major roles in several Ponzi schemes, one that resulted in 200,000 Americans losing $500,000,000 when investing in Towers’ uninsured high-interest-rate securities at the direction of Epstein.

According to the NYT, Staley visited Epstein in prison in in 2008, during Epstein’s brief incarceration in Florida. Staley had stated that Epstein provided Barclay’s access to several clients of extreme wealth. Epstein was a registered sex offender and had pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from a minor at this time.

Staley also has a history of attempting to cover up prior misconduct that took place during his tenure with Barclays, according to the Bowdin Orient. In 2016, England’s Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority fined Staley 642,000 Euros for attempting to silence and intimidate whistle blowers at Barclays Bank. This coupled with his inability to be forthright with investigators during questioning related to Epstein shows a pattern of misguided, erratic behavior from Staley.

In addition, according to NYT, JP Morgan executive Mary Erodes was instructed by Staley to keep Epstein as a client despite his sex offender designation following his 2008 child sex trafficking prison stay. Erodes was thought to be “next in line” for CEO. At the time CEO Jamie Dimon also possessed a relationship with Epstein.

Among the most troubling of communications by Staley and Epstein among 1,200 emails, several mentions of the term “Snow White”. Snow White could be a term used to reference cocaine but knowing of Epstein’s pedophilia, it could be possible that this term was used by Staley to reference child sex trafficking victims. Keep in mind that the character Snow White was only 14 years old.

Jes Staley undoubtedly enabled and assisted the crimes of Epstein in a financial capacity. Epstein orchestrated child sex trafficking rings using financial infrastructure that Staley gave him access to.

Staley personally acknowledged keeping in touch with Epstein following his child sex crime conviction in 2008, simply put, he knew Epstein was a predator and pedophile and continued to maintain the relationship.

Staley’s history of complicit participation in enabling Epstein’s crimes alongside an inability to follow direction and enforce procedures recommended by bank regulators is alarming. Staley’s behavior has unequivocally resulted in the direct facilitation of payments related to the sex trafficking of children.

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