Danesh Noshirvan Suspended From Twitter For Doxxing, Stalking, & Sexual Harassment: Still On TikTok

TikTok sponsored creator Danesh Noshirvan (@ThatDaneshGuy) was suspended by Twitter for doxxing, sexual harassment, and stalking a trans-individual, an ICU Nurse, and a law enforcement officer (to name only a few of his most recent attacks) after every executive at Twitter was made aware of his conduct and a full internal investigation took place by Twitter’s Trust and Safety Team.

It is unfortunate that Danesh Noshirvan is still permitted to engage in these patently obvious TikTok Community Standards violations and to engage in his civilly and criminally actionable conduct on TikTok a platform that PAYS him to do so. 

When will TikTok ever do the right thing and suspend the perma-banned already Danesh Noshirvan (www.tiktok.com/@ThatDaneshGuy and stop causing real life injury to hundreds of victims?

Please continue to sign and share this petition and report ThatDaneshGuy onĀ  TikTok to end this reign of cyber terrorism once and for all.

Here he is with fellow doxxer Savannah Sparks (a future Matching Vibes) together doxxing a nurse on live stream for wrong thing.:

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