Pedophile Denver School Board Member Tay Anderson Uses 15 Year Old To Push Mask Mandates / Remote Learning Agenda

Denver’s Jennifer Brockman of KDVR News pushed a poorly researched report about Denver Public Schools students organizing a “walk out” today (January 20th, 2022) to push more masks mandates and remote learning and other agendas of Denver Public Schools Board Vice President (and credibly accused racist pedophile rapist) Tay Anderson and the Denver Teacher’s Union (who gave hundreds of thousands to Tay Anderson). Joining the choir of ridiculous failures of the “news” to research the origins of this “walk out” is Denver CBS.

Who are “The Students”?

As it turns out, a Denver Public Schools student (Thomas Jefferson High School) Nicole Haven Coleman, a Greta Thunberg wannabe, is the sole organizer of this mask mandate / remote learning walk-out at Denver Public Schools.

I was not able to find any other “Student” who is helping to organize this “walk out”, but what I did find is that Haven Coleman is the fake little sister of, you guessed it, racist pedophile rapist School Board Vice President Tay Anderson.

We all know what happened this day when Tay Anderson was not really assaulted as he claims, rather he assaulted law enforcement and failed to obey lawful commands and pretended to fall.

Tay Anderson Shortly After He Faked His Fall Then Accused Law Enforcement of “Shoving” Him As Seen On HALO Camera Footage Released by Denver Public Safety.

His manager, Tiffany Caudill, immediately started a GoFundMe to cover his fake injuries and raised over $13,000 which was then used for luxury items and campaign expenses. Even though he promised lolsuits, he never came through on those promises because he is a coward, pedophile and a loser.

Back to “Haven’s” demands:

Making “demands” of public servants (elected school board members and employees of government institutions such as a public school) is a violation of Colorado Revised Statute’s criminal “Attempted Influence of a Public Servant” law.

Haven states in her extortion letter, prompted by accused pedophile Tay Anderson and special interests Denver Teacher’s Union:

Our demands are that the district go back to remote learning until COVID-19 cases decrease to (levels during the) Fall 2021 Semester… If classes don’t go back online, we need KN95/N95 masks provided to all students on all campuses, excused absences for those with COVID, ventilation in all classrooms and airflow to lessen the risk fo COVID-19 cases, PCR and rapid testing for students in person twice a week, integrated learning for those at home with COVID or those choosing to stay home for their protection, access to more outdoor spaces for safe lunches, and more social distancing measures in the hallways and stairs of schools.

How much did Haven get from special interests -Tay Anderson and the Denver Teacher’s Union- to put on this criminal stunt? Donations to Haven directly tell an interesting story. Her ARID Agency doesn’t exists in Colorado Secretary of State or Internal Revenue Service (federal) charity databases.

The use of the fake name “Haven” instead of the actual name “Nicole” is also suspect.

Her association with terrorist Representative Leslie Herod -Tay Anderson’s fake mom- goes back as far as 2019.

So it is pretty clear that she isn’t acting on behalf of herself and her interests, rather on behalf of Tay Anderson and the Denver Teacher’s Union and their special interests.

Where are all the other “students” who are also making this demand of Denver Public Schools?

Post Script UPDATE Jan. 21, 2022: About 30 student’s from Denver North High School participated in this non-sense of a “walk out” by Haven (left). Hundreds of students were present protesting against having pedophile Tay Anderson on the School Board from Denver North High School (right) walking numerous miles to join several other schools and thousands of other students also protesting against Tay remaining on the Board. Why hasn’t Tay Anderson seen the writing on the wall?

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