Jefferey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s Financial and Political Influence

What follows is a short, non-exclusive, list of the political and financial influence that Jefferey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell had. Though in total there are 1,971 names included in Epstein’s “black book” combined with the flight log for “Lolita Express” (page 470 of this document contains the raw data for the flight logs) along with other records kept and associated with the couple what follows are the most politically and financially influential individuals that have a public recording of their associations with Maxwell and Epstein.

Jes Staley Former VP of J.P Morgan; Most recently CEO of Barclays

Staley is present in Epstein’s black book. Staley visited Epstein during his 2008-2009 prison stay, while working as Jamie Dimon’s V.P. at J.P Morgan; Staley and Epstein made contact regularly. Staley has recently stepped down from his recent role at Barclays, following an internal investigation that also found he sent over 1,200 emails to Epstein, some containing the term “Snow White”, possibly referencing an often-used colloquialism for cocaine (or prostitutes). Staley is seen alongside Epstein, Bill GatesBoris Nikolic and Larry Summers in the photo heading this NYT article linked below.

Jamie Dimon, CEO of J.P. Morgan

During Epstein’s prison stay in 2008, he received a call from then U.K Cabinet Minister Lord Pete Mandelson; who was in pursuit of a meeting between himself and one Mr. Jamie Dimon, current CEO of J.P Morgan. It’s important to note that J.P Morgan has also had a history of mysterious deaths at their firm. $1.3B of cocaine was seized from a freighter ship owned by J.P Morgan, demonstrating that their boats have been used for illegal trafficking purposes in the past:

Larry Summers; Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve and Former President of Harvard; Current Harvard Professor

Summers is present in Epstein’s Flight logs. Larry Summers has been photographed with Epstein several times, alongside other fellow Ivy League science professors, such as Steven Pinker and John Brockman.

Lynn Forester De Rothschild: Founding and Managing Partner of The Council for Inclusive Capitalism, Independent Director of E.L. Rothschild Family Investment Office (which holds majority ownership of The Economist Media Group)

Seen in Epstein’s flight logs before her marriage to Sir Evelyn, is displayed as “Lynn Forester”. Lynn and Epstein flew out of the same airport that would eventually become the stage for his 2019 arrest; Teterboro, NY.

According to the NY Post and New Yorker respectively; Lynn was responsible for introducing Epstein to Maxwell and Alan Dershowitz: She also sold her NYC townhouse to Epstein for 80% below market value.

Peter Soros, Manager of Soros Management Fund, Nephew of George Soros

Present in Epstein’s black book.

Glen Dubin, Founder of Highbridge Capital Management, Founding Member of the Robinhood Foundation charity

Glen was found in Epstein’s black book. Glen Dubin and his wife, Former Swedish model Eva Andresson-Dubin (who also formerly dated Epstein) are both implicated heavily in Epstein’s operation.

Their family butler has testified that he witnessed a 15-year-old girl (then employed as a baby sitter by the Dubin’s) admitted to being forced into having sex with Epstein by Maxwell.” Epstein and Maxwell had physically threatened to harm her and seized her passport to keep her on the island, according to the butler’s statement.”

A Miami Herald article outlines Dubin’s (and others) involvement in Epstein’s operation. According to Vanity Fair, Glen Dubin introduced Epstein to then JP Morgan VP, Jes Staley: According to the New York Post; Epstein had told the Dubin’s he “wanted to marry” their teenage daughter.

Edgar Bronfman Jr. of the Seagrams fortune, Father of Claire Bronfman; who was charged for her role in the NVIXM sex trafficking cult sting of Kieth Raniere and conspirators

Seen in the black book. Edgar’s daughter Claire participated in NVIXM’s “sex trafficking pyramid scheme” that employed tactics common to human trafficking, also used by Epstein; where victims of trafficking are encouraged or forced to recruit others.

Claire was photographed with Richard Branson (also in Epstein’s black book) during a conference held on his private Necker Island. This article highlights how NVIXM used established manipulation techniques intertwined in “spiritual teachings” in aims of encouraging an increase of openness to suggestion in their followers; a known cult strategy.

Leon Black; Former CEO of Apollo Global, Former Board Member of The Museum of Modern Art

Black loaned Epstein $158 Million. Currently facing a lawsuit accusing him of rape; Leon Black’s connection to Epstein is damning for both Apollo Global and the Museum of Modern Art, of which Black sat on the board of.

Former Board Member of The Museum of Modern Art

Mort Zuckerman; CEO Boston Properties

Zuckerman is present in Epstein’s black book. Mort Zuckerman has been accused of sexual assault by Guzel Ganieva, Mort has received a subpoena to provide testimony in the trial of Leon Black to explain his own involvement:

Lord Anthony Bamford, CEO of J.C Bamford

Bamford is present in Epstein’s black book. Here is a detailed account of Bamford’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein.

Evelyn De Rothschild, British Economist, Financier & Media Mogul

Evelyn is present in Epstein’s black book. According to the NY Post, Epstein and Maxwell were first introduced to each other by Lynn Rothschild at Evelyn De Rothschild’s birthday party in 1999.

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

Andrew and Epstein had a relationship spanning decades, originally meeting in 1999. The Duke of York is implicated in Epstein’s child trafficking operation and has been accused of child rape by Maxwell accuser Virginia Guiffre. The royal family has made an effort to bury this story and protect Andrew; adding to an unsettling pattern, that reveals a systematic failure to seek justice for the victims of Epstein, and co-conspirators.

Richard Branson; Financier, Founder of Virgin Airlines

Branson is present in Epstein’s black book. Branson is also a Co-Founder of Storm Management Modeling. Branson also served on the board of the International Centre for Missing and Abused Children (alongside Hilary Clinton) and owns a private island himself (Necker Island). Now deleted “Who We Are” ICMEC webpage that displays a photo of Hillary Clinton.

In Scott Picken’s YouTube video, he is filming from Branson’s Necker Island, during a trip he spent with Branson and friends. He mentions that Branson has another “very private island, so private, no one even knows about it” called Mesquite Island. 1 minute and 43 seconds through this video Picken also states: “and that’s the temple, what’s interesting about the temple is Nelson Mandela, Desmon TuTu, Jimmy Carter and many, many other important people come together here to solve global issues”.

Epstein’s island also had a temple that many prominent global leaders visited. At the end of this video, when Scott goes up to the roof of the estate; two massage tables and two girls in a small hot tub are seen. Picken mentions that “guys are getting massages” and then appears to be asked if he’d like a massage from one of the girls (which he declines):

Michael Bloomberg, former New York Mayor 2002-2013, Founder of Bloomberg

Bloomberg is present in Epstein’s black book. Bloomberg is seen here pictured with Ghislaine Maxwell.

Andrew Cuomo, former New York Governor 2011-2021

Cuomo, alongside Kerry Kennedy, is present in Epstein’s black book. Cuomo has been accused of several sexual harassment and abuse crimes and has a history of attempting to deny justice to victims of sex crimes. According to the NY Post, Kerry Kennedy stated she “slept in the bathroom” to avoid Cuomo’s abuse. His accusers (Charlotte Bennett, Lindsey Boylan, Ana Liss, Alyssa Mcgrath, Virginia Lematis, Anna Ruch, Karen Hilton and several anonymous victims) and their accusations are summarized here.

Bill Richardson; former New Mexico Governor

Richardson is present in Epstein’s black book. Richardson himself has recalled at least one occasion that he visited Epstein’s Zorro ranch. Epstein’s now infamous “Zorro Ranch” mansion is located in New Mexico. Richardson is directly implicated in Epstein’s operation.

George Mitchell, Oil Family Heir, former Disney CEO and Politician (served under Clinton and Obama, also a Senator for Maine, 1980-1995 and Honorary Knight of the Order of the British Empire)

Mitchell is present in Epstein’s black book. George Mitchell and Bill Richardson have been accused of direct involvement in Epstein’s child sex trafficking operation by Virginia Giuffre. This is particularly troubling as Mitchell oversaw the Philadelphia Archdiocese compensation fund for victims of clergy sex abuse back in 2018. Mitchell is directly implicated in Epstein’s operation.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammad bin Salman

Epstein flew to visit bin Salman on the eve of 2016 U.S Election. Bin Salman visited Epstein’s home “many times,” as was disclosed in a 2018 NYT interview with Epstein, conducted in Epstein’s NYC apartment by James B. Stewart. Bin Salman manages the Saudi Sovreign Wealth fund; a large investor in both Tesla and Amazon (among a range of other financial products). Epstein had an Austrian passport, listing a Saudi Arabia address. It was found in a locked safe in Epstein’s home along with over $70,000 in cash and loose diamonds, court papers revealed.

Elon Musk

In this same article linked above, Stewart reported: “I’d never met Epstein before. I had contacted him because my colleagues and I had heard a rumor that he was advising Tesla’s embattled chief executive, Elon Musk, who was in trouble after announcing on Twitter that he had lined up the funding to take Tesla private.

Epstein may have been attempting to establish the impression of a business relationship with Elon Musk; it’s unknown if Epstein was in fact advising Tesla or Musk in any capacity, it’s possible he was merely another Wall Street Tesla investor (with access to a lot of capital) from Musk’s perspective.

However, according to the Business Insider, Epstein and his entourage were provided with a private tour of Musk’s Space X facility in Hawthorne, California, in 2012. It appears Epstein was indeed trying to gain access to Musk; and had hoped that Kimbal Musk’s relationship with one of his ex-girlfriends would provide opportunities of access to Elon. Musk and then spouse, Talulah Riley also allegedly visited Epstein’s house during a busy day of several business appointments.

It is also of note that Bin Salman’s Saudi Sovereign Wealth Fund purchased a significant stake in Tesla shortly after it was reported that Epstein was “working in some capacity” with Tesla. It appears that Epstein may have been responsible for sourcing this investment on Tesla’s (or possibly his own) behalf.

Jeff Bezos, Founder of Blue Origin, Former CEO and Current Board Member Amazon

Bezos attended a dinner with Epstein (after Jeffrey was a known sex offender). Bezos also attended a book reading where Ghislaine Maxwell was also present. Bezos was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to meet with Crown Prince MBS (bin Salman) on the eve of the 2016 U.S Election. “On November 9, the day Epstein’s jet returned to Paris, MBS held an unrelated meeting with Bezos, several Amazon executives, and two Saudi ministers.

The Saudi Press Agency said they “discussed fields of cooperation and investment opportunities available according to the Kingdom’s Vision 2030,” the crown prince’s signature economic initiative.” Epstein was also in Riyadh on this date. “Kingdom’s Vision” is constructed alongside the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” and efforts made by the “Council for Inclusive Capitalism” (a strategy by financers to expose people of poverty to higher debt exposure, and subsequent debt slavery).

All three aim to complete their goals by the year 2030. All three organizations possess overlapping circles; many of whom possessing a relationship with Epstein or Maxwell. Similar to Musk, Bezos may have been engaging with Epstein to gain access to investments otherwise out of reach; such as bin Salman and Henry Kravis of KKR (KKR is a major Amazon investor and has inked multiple real estate deals with Amazon since 2011).

Bill Clinton, Former President of the United States

Clinton is Present in the Epstein flight logs. Bill’s wife, Hillary, held a campaign fundraiser at Cantor Fitzgerald CEO Howard Lutnick’s house; located next door to Epstein’s NYC apartment. Donald Trump used this same location for his 2016 campaign fundraiser.

Clinton travelled to Africa alongside Epstein, Kevin Spacey and Chris Tucker in 2002. As confirmed by this 1995 copy of a Trilateral Commission ledger; Clinton also served on the Trilateral Commission alongside Epstein, Henry KissingerGeorge Soros and David Rockefeller: Bill has denied traveling to Epstein’s island (although victim testimony suggests otherwise). Trump and Clinton possessed a strong relationship prior to the 2016 election; and Trump has donated multiple times to the Clinton Foundation:

Al Gore, Former Vice President of the United States (Serving under Clinton)

Al and his wife Tipper Gore are alleged to have visited Epstein’s Island.

Lord Mandelson U.K politician and Blair’s Cabinet Minister

Mandelson is present in Epstein’s black book. Mendelson made contact with Epstein during his 2009 prison stay (after being found guilty of sex crimes/child sex trafficking).

Ehud Barak, former Prime Minister of Israel

Barak is found in Epstein’s black book. As reported by the Daily Mail, Barak was seen entering Epstein’s Penthouse attempting to shield his face; shortly after, he was followed by multiple “younger girls”.

Charles Spencer, Princess Diana’s Brother

Present in Epstein’s 2nd Black Book, dated 1997.

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