Prosecutor Thomas Binger Knowingly Allowed 2 Witnesses to Perjure Themselves In The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial

Prosecutor Thomas Binger knowingly allowed perjured testimony of Sahil (Sal) Khindri and Anmol (Sam) Khindri.

Anmol (Sam) Khindri testified under oath, and at Prosecutor Binger’s coaxing, that he didn’t ask anyone or give permission to anyone to guard the Car Source locations and that he only learned of the armed individuals guarding the lots the next day.

0:00Q: Did you give anyone permission to be inside any of the buildings on
either Car Source location or the Car Doctor location on Tuesday August
Twenty Fifth
A: I did not.
0:18Q: Did you give anyone permission to guard or protect any of those
three properties
A: I did not
0:27Q: On that particular evening did you know that there were people
there with guns who had taken upon themselves to guard any of those
Car Source locations or Car Doctor did you know that night that any of
that was going on
A: I did not.

Q: I assume there came a time after that where you learned about that
is that fair to say
A: The next day, yes.
0:56Q: How did you learn about that?
A: News channel.
0:58Q: Was that the first time that you knew about any of that stuff?
A: Videos.
Transcript of Video Clip of Testimony by Anmol (Sam) Khindri

However, video evidence which was known to Prosecutor Thomas Binger -but possibly not Kyle Rittenhouse’s attorneys- has come to light that directly contradict this lie. Both Sam and Sal were present and knew that Kyle Rittenhouse and others were also present, at the Car Source locations.

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