Kyle Rittenhouse Prosecuting District Attorney Thomas Binger Is A LIAR

When I started my online petition to disBAR prosecuting attorney Thomas C. Binger in the Kyle Rittenhouse matter I did so knowing that online petitions often don’t get any real world results and instead created it to counter the petition that was created against the Judge. In YourDaddyJoey terms I did it to “Match Vibes” with the negative Judge petition.

You can sign that petition here:

District Attorney Thomas C. Binger Picked A Winner

Now, after watching the full trial of Kyle Rittenhouse and seeing the joke of a prosecutor that Thomas Binger is, I want nothing more than to see this man disBARed. How many other innocent people who didn’t have the eyes of the world watching has Thomas Binger lied about.

During trial Thomas Binger entered into evidence the grainy image on the left of what he says is Kyle Rittenhouse “pointing” his gun at pedophile Joseph Rosenbaum and therefore “provoking” Rosenbaum and subsequently losing the self-defense claim. From the newly uncovered video footage we took a still image from the exact same moment in time. You can slide between the two and compare for yourselves.

Compare the grainy image produced by Thomas C. Binger to the actual moment in time from the new perspective.

New footage that was KNOWN to Thomas Binger but hidden from the defense shows exactly what Thomas Binger doesn’t want you to see. The moment in question is at the 1:09:00 mark here. Video is added in full to avoid claims of tampering with or editing the footage.

Moment in Question is 01:09:00

Clearly Kyle Rittenhouse is running away from Rosenbaum and Rosenbaum continues to give chase and attack him.

At half speed we can clearly see that Kyle Rittenhouse never raised his gun in provocation to anyone.

Slowed to Half Speed

This is prosecutorial misconduct by withholding this evidence from the defense and then trying to introduce additional grainy drone footage that shows absolutely nothing and his statement as to what it depicts is the exact opposite of what actually happened.

Here is the grainy drone footage that was entered into evidence by District Attorney Thomas Binger. Make of it what you can. There is no consensus as to what it depicts.

Grainy Video Introduced by District Attorney Thomas Binger During Trial

All hope is not lost for Justice for Kyle Rittenhouse. Here is a stabilized and audio overlay of the drone footage. Something that Prosecutor Binger’s entire arsenals of “expert witnesses” couldn’t put together.

Stabilized Drone Footage With Audio Overlay

Here is what is stated within the Wisconsin Legislature Rules regarding “new” evidence that has come to light after a verdict. Keep in mind that as of this writing the case has not yet even been given to the jury for deliberations -which is scheduled to be done Monday. There is no clear cut rules for introducing new evidence prior to a verdict, however, we can glean from the rules post verdict that:

Wisconsin Legislature: 805.16: Time for motions after verdict.
(1) a motion for a new trial based on newly discovered evidence may be made at any time within one year after verdict.

Wisconsin Legislature: 805.15: New Trials.
(3) Except as provided in ss. 974.07 (10) (b) and 980.101 (2) (b), a new trial shall be ordered on the grounds of newly-discovered evidence if the court finds that:
(a) The evidence has come to the moving party’s notice after trial; and
(b) The moving party’s failure to discover the evidence earlier did not arise from lack of diligence in seeking to discover it; and
(c) The evidence is material and not cumulative; and
(d) The new evidence would probably change the result.

Each Element Explained In Turn:

(3)(a): This evidence has come to parties notice during trial, but at the close of both parties case in chief.
(3)(b): There is no way anyone can say that any defense attorney in this case didn’t do their due-dilligence, especially with the sheer volume of new material coming to light at the start of the trial, such as the FBI drone footage.
(3)(c): No doubt about it that this footage is material to the facts of this case. The only other piece of evidence introduced is the grainy image above.
(3)(d): The entire case rests on self-defense. Provocation instructions and what the grainy image shows were the topic of many hours of discussion today in court because of how important it is whether Kyle Rittenhouse pointed his gun or not.

This is also not taking into consideration that others within the District Attorney’s office and law enforcement could have been hiding this video as well.

Additional Kyle Rittenhouse documents and material:

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